About Us

Our Vision


HackerU Hi-Tech College is the 2nd leading center for computer and information technology training in Israel. HackeruPro is the Business Division of Hackeru that specializes in computer and information technology training for hi-tech professionals.


HackeruPro offers professional enrichment courses, on-site custom training, seminars and events on a wide array of relevant technologies. In addition we also offer tailor made courses suited for the needs of each organization individually.

At HackeruPro, our goal is to lead the professional training market for Hi-Tech industry. Our objective is to provide professionals with innovative up-to-date content to enhance their current position by acquiring new skills.

Participants will expand their knowledge and upgrade their skills with the help of leading industry instructors and gain new tools to enhance their-selves within their organization.

HackeruPro offers the ultimate combinations of quality, leading Hi-Tech instructors, and state of the art facilities. HackeruPro provide personalized courses tailor fit for your employee’s needs and organizational requirements that are beneficial to both parties.


HackeruPro’s goal is to train and develop both new and veteran Hi-Tech professionals via our enrichment courses lead by our dedicated, talented instructors and team.

HackeruPro offers various courses in Software Development, Information Security, Cloud, Mobile Development (Android and iOS), QA & Testing, UX/UI, Databases, Big Data etc.