The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the students to git the leading open source distributed version control system and to Atlassian Stash the git repository management application. In the first part of the course the participants will learn the basic git concepts and workflows. In the second part they will learn how to work with BitBucket for effective git collaboration and code management.

Software professionals starting to work with Git and Atlassian ALM tools suite.


8 Hours

Software Engineering


Certificate: No

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Course Outline


  • Introduction

    • Introduction to Git
    • Introduction to BitBucket
    • Users and permission levels


    • Git Concepts:
      • Distributed vs. Centralized VCS
      • Repository
      • Commits
    • Setting up your Git environment
    • Ignore Files Working with Git

    Working with git

    • Cloning a BitBucket project
    • Git help
    • The Git Workflow
      • Add
      • Status
      • Commit
      • Diff
      • Remove
      • Move
      • Fixing errors
      • Reset
      • Revert
      • Checkout

    The Stash Interface

    • My Profile
      • Setting up access keys
    • Projects
    • Repositories

  • Workflow Strategies

    • Branching basics
    • Forking basics
    • Centralized Workflow
    • Feature Branch Workflow
    • Gitflow Workflow
    • Forking Workflow

     Branching and Merging

    • Creating branches in BitBucket
    • Creating branches in Git
    • Collaboration
      • Push
      • Fetch
      • Pull
      • Forking
      • Pull requests
    • Switching branches
    • Fast Forward Merge
    • Three way Merge
    • Rebasing
    • Deleting Branches


    • Lightweight tags
    • Annotated tags
    • Signed Tags
    • Create tags in Git
    • Create tags in BitBucket
    • Checkout tags in Git
    • How to view tags
    • How to checkout tags